Createtec a dynamic and versatile team of business people, software developers, and designers who work very closely together to bring you digital Will solutions

Our unique feature rich digital Wills are entirely legal and compliant. We offer two Will types Al Yusra an Islamic Will, and a Sterling Standard Will. Createtec developed these solutions so that they are affordable for everyone.

Being part of Asia's new Digital Economy revolution. We are at the very forefront of Fintech, bringing state of the art value innovation that is recognized by MDEC's Islamic Digital Economy.



Our feature-rich​ digital Wills are simple to follow and complete, yet they are underpinned by the sophistication of great software development.

Unique Features

One of the unique key features of Createtec's digital Wills is the inclusion of photographic security features, preventing identify fraud.

Software Development

Rest assured that our digital Wills are fully responsive and can be viewed and completed on any device. From Apple to Android, laptop to tablet.

Leading-edge Innovative design

We pride ourselves on producing beautiful process flows that people will love to interact with.

But we don't just stop there!

Our digital Wills have been built with accompanying guides and walkthrough videos for ease of use and clarity.


These are the people at the core of building beautiful, easy-to-use software that we hope makes life a little easier.

Raymond Gabriel

Group CEO - Co Founder

Phil Clark

Project Director - Co Founder

Bernard Lim

CEO - Singapore

Gulzaman Khan

Chief Technical Officer - Co Founder

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