Al Yusra - Islamic Will Wassiya - Key features

Below are some of the key features that set us apart from the competition


  • Personal details
  • Choose guardians for your children
  • Administrator(s) / Executors - In the unlikely event that no one is available In accordance with Islamic law, we have provided the option Majority or All must agree
  • Life-changing events clause, In the event you are medically certified incapacitated or incapable of making decisions, you can nominate a person to act on your behalf.
  • Medical mechanical support clause - In the event it is medically certified that your body cannot function without mechanical support, do you wish to be placed on any form of life support machine
  • Beneficiaries - add beneficiaries and choose if you want the recommended share allocation printed in the final Will or left blank for your local Faraid Council to manually add the correct percentage. Calculations are taken from our unique Faraid algorithm that follows the Holy Quran distribution guide.
  • Additional Beneficiaries clause - a maximum of one-third of your estate can be left to whomever you wish – this may include friends and family not entitled to inherit under Sharia
  • Assets and Sedekah - Include gifts of property, money or anything else, with the option for the gift to be given as Sedekah. This also has the facility to add replacement beneficiaries for the gift.

    • Funeral Wishes
    • Final Will Summary - showing everything is complete or needs attention
      Anti Fraud - Photo ID Verification including unique reference printed on the Will

    Free additional supporting documents included:

    • My Debts - What I owe, debts that must be settled before the distribution of assets
    • My Debtors - What is owed to me
    • Trusts - What is kept/held on trust by me
    • Unfulfilled Obligations - including Fidyah, To pay Kaffarah, To pay Diyah, To pay unperformed hajj, Unaccomplished urban or other Wajib, any other owing or obligation that is unfulfilled
    • List your assets - for the purpose of probate
    • Location of important documents
    • Do not resuscitate form


    10 minutes can last a lifetime!

    Al Yusra - Islamic Will Wassiya

    You can create an account for free, follow the simple walkthrough guides and only pay when you download and print the Will. We have given you the option to complete the Will over a period of time, the platform auto-saves all your data so there is no need to add details more than once.

    Complete your Will on a phone, tablet or computer - the platform is built to be fully responsive on Apple and Android.

    Once you have created and paid for the Will it is held securely in your account for life. The Wills can be updated and amended anytime and you only pay a small fee to reprint the Will. There is no need to start the Will from the beginning just make any changes to the sections you want to update and print the Will. Remembering to sign the new Will and have it witnessed to make it legal and destroy the old Will to avoid any confusion.

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