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Now a fully legal Sterling Standard Will is yours to make and update online. You can try it for free and if you like it, purchase it and keep it for life. Your Will is uniquely yours and easy to make. In just a few clicks, you can secure and preserve your family's inheritance in print.

Your Will is stored securely in the cloud and you can make as many changes to it as you want without paying extra - new house, more children, an increase in wealth - update your Sterling Standard Will online and as your circumstances change, your Will changes to keep up with your circumstances.

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Sterling Will - Key features

Below are some of the key features that set us apart from the competition


  • Details page - including do you communicate in the language used in the portal? if the answer is no then your Will records Who is interpreting in a language you understand? for your protection
  • Choose guardians for your children - including the clause for responsibility to be split equally or in the order listed
  • Executors - You can add up to 4 executors, split the responsibility equally or as one in the order listed. Additional clauses: leave a gift of money to your executors to cover expenses - Give power to trustees allowing them to sell any items including shares or call in monies to fulfil the gifts
  • Assets - with options to leave everything to your spouse, leave specific gifts
  • For specific gifts, you have the option to leave the property, including leave to your children or group of people. choose the number of people and how you want it to be shared - Equally, percentage or in fractions
  • Leave a gift of money with currency picker, this also allows for a replacement beneficiary
  • Leave anything else, shares, businesses whatever - complete with gift instructions box


  • Include Chattels - This is a written list that you can attach to your will with specific instructions to your executors about what should happen to your personal belongings
  • Residuary Gifts - add additional beneficiaries when more than one is added you can split equally or by percentage
  • Funeral Wishes - Burial, Cremation or other, including your wishes for undertaker, place of service, type of service, music, readings flowers plus additional direction and wishes
  • Final Will Summary - showing everything is complete or needs attention
  • Anti Fraud - Photo ID Verification including unique reference printed on the Will

Free additional supporting documents included:

  • Letter to your Executor
  • Location of important documents
  • Important people to Inform
  • Memorandum of wishes


It's designed with you in mind

All your changes are saved automatically in the cloud and your data is stored on our secure servers

It's a Will that lets you do everything by touch

It's your Will... to go! Update it from your tablet, mobile phone or desktop - by plane train or automobile, it's up to you!

It works just like your favourite apps

We've designed it to look just like the apps you use every day. It's feature-rich but using it is child's play.

It's affordable for everyone

We've made it available to the masses at a price all your friends and family can afford

100% Legal

It's totally compliant with local laws and our framework is backed by thousands of hours of input from solicitors and legal experts

It stays up to date automatically

When the law changes, we add those updates to our software and notify you if necessary

we're so confident our service is great, you can try it for free... if you love it, pay once to download it. make as many changes as you want at no extra cost.

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You can make your Will in just a few clicks and keep it updated online. It's free to try and you can make as many changes throughout life at no extra cost.

It's free to try
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