You have nothing to lose & everything to gain

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1. Fully backed and compliant

Createtec is fully Shariah Compliant and verified by Masryef House. The Wills have been Written by leading scholars and estate planners. We are also registered with MDEC's Islamic Digital Economy.

2. Greater levels of security and confidence

Your data is sent securely via 256-bit encryption, builtin unique anti-fraud security features. Digital Wills for a new age also meet the strictest of banking and financial institutional requirements.

3. No obligation to buy

Try it for free with no commitment to buy; we don't ask for any card details; only pay if you want to print the final Will. We promise never to sell or misuse your data

4. Nothing to lose & everything to gain

A Createtec digital Will gives you full peace of mind, and has no annual or membership fees. Built to be responsive for Apple or Android, plus auto-save features, so you never lose any information.

Try it for free without obligation - you have nothing to lose but everything to gain!

5 Myths About Wills - EXPOSED

1. Making a Will is expensive

Createtec provide fully Shariah compliant Islamic and Standard Wills for only RM290

2. Making a Will is complicated

Createtec have built the clearest step by step guided process in the industry

3. Making a Will is time-consuming

It only takes ten minutes to fully complete a digital Will from the comfort of your own home

4. Making a Will is for new parents, the elderly, or people with health problems

Wrong! everybody should make a Will or you open your loved ones to extensive legal battles and great expense

5. A Will lasts forever

Wills need to be updated as your circumstances change, new child, house getting married. A Will should grow with you.

That is why you can update and change a digital Will with Createtec FREE and only pay to print it!

Al Yusra - Islamic Will / Wasiyya

Our Al Yusra Will has been designed and written by respected Muslim scholars and is fully Sharia-compliant as recognised by Masryef and fully conforms to the Wills Act 1959.

Some Key Features

  • Unique Faraid algorithm that follows the Holy Quran
  • Additional Beneficiaries clause - of a maximum of one-third of your estate
  • Assets & Sedekah - Include gifts of property, money or anything else
  • Make provision for unfulfilled obligations

Sterling - Standard Will 

Our Sterling Wills are 100% legal and developed by our legal experts familiar with estate planning law.
Sterling Wills and fully conforms to the Wills Act 1959.

Some Key Features

  • Choose the language you want to use on the site and the Will output
  • Add up to 4 executors with built-in trustee clauses
  • Leave complex gifts, such as a business, shares or property
  • Additional beneficiaries split by percentage
  • Unique Anti Fraud verification feature

It's affordable for everyone

Choose to Make a Sterling Standard Will or Make an Al Yusra Islamic Will to get started. In just a few clicks, you'll have a legal Will compliant with either your local law or Islamic law. Designed in collaboration with leading solicitors and Imam's, our platform gives you the freedom to leave gifts and legacies to those most precious to you. Every change you make is saved instantly and remains on our secure servers.

Now you can leave a legacy for your loved ones from the comfort of your own home.


Previously, making Will that accurately took into account Islamic or state laws was either complicated or expensive. We've harnessed the latest in online technology and combined it with our passion for making things simple to bring you a totally online service that allows you to make free updates to your Sterling Will or Al Yusra Will! We even provide a few complimentary legal documents at no extra cost.

So whether you get married, have more children or simply move house, your Al Yusra or Sterling Will changes with you.


Pay Once, Change Anytime

House move? More children? No matter how many times your circumstances changes, you can always come back and update your Will online.
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Legal & Secure

Developed in conjunction with Islamic scholars and legal experts, your data is safely stored on our secure servers, access any time from any device.
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Super Easy, Super Suave

Whether you're creating an
Al Yusra Islamic or a Sterling Standard Will, produce a beautifully designed Will in just a few minutes.
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